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Pieces Published on Ezine Artictles

Bringing Pop to the Bath
Have a Bath that needs a facelift? Where to start? Decide on a budget then decide on what is most important to improve the look of your Bath.

Technology in Mattress Pads That Help Us Sleep Better
We are all looking for that good night's sleep, and with all the recent technology innovations into mattress pads, things are improving. Until the past decade or so, mattress pads were basically all the same. Now with so many issues in regards to getting a good night's sleep, manufacturers have looked to inject their mattress pads with new technology.

Thread Counts - Should They Be the Most Important Factor When Buying Sheets?
The importance of High Thread Counts (over 300) started in the bedding market in the mid 1990s, and even now is still the main focus when consumers inquire about the qualities of sheets in the marketplace. Originally, manufacturers of High Quality Luxury Sheets and bedding felt that this was information the consumer needed to consider when purchasing new Sheets. However since that time due to intense competition for the consumer's dollars, thread counts have become insignificant in the quality of a sheet.

Mattress Pads - What Quilted Type Is Best for Your Bed?
Like most other bed linens, there are many Mattress Pad options out in the marketplace today. Where to begin? ? What use would you like to get out of the Mattress Pad?

What Is "Supima Cotton?" Is It Worth Buying?
Supima Cotton is basically a genetic cross breeding of the hi-grade Sea Island (Sea Island, Georgia, USA) cotton and Egyptian cotton blends. This new cotton blend was first grown in Sacaton, Arizona where the Pima Indians were instrumental in growing this new cotton and running all of the field trials. Hence, the name Pima was created for this new cotton blend.

Bed Pillows: A Part of a Good Nights Sleep - What Size Works for Your Needs?
Pillows come in many sizes. Are your current needs being met with the current pillows you own? What size to purchase all depends on your needs and/or bedding products you currently have? What size and/or sizes would work best for your needs?

Bed Pillows - A Part of a Good Nights Sleep - What Type of Fill Are You
Where to begin?? Pillows like allergies are personal.? Do you or anyone in your family suffer from allergies, as this will make the difference in the type of fill to purchase?

Bed Pillows - A Part of a Good Nights Sleep - What Type of Sleeper Are You?
Most of us spend approximately 1/3 of our lives sleeping and bed pillows are a very important part of getting a good nights sleep. How do you go about finding the bed pillow that is right for you and/or your family?

Creating a Good Night's Sleep With Basic Bed Linens
We spend approximately 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Do you have the sleeping haven you need to get a restful night's sleep? Daily we are bombarded with ads about the benefits of a new mattress when it comes to getting a good night's sleep however there are more parts to creating that comfortable sleeping haven than a new mattress.

Save Energy With Blankets and Comforters
We are wasting money on our monthly heating bills due to insufficient linens on our beds. Your bedding can be saving you hundreds of dollars every month on your utility bill.

Blankets Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bills This Winter
Each Winter we see our Energy bills rising, whether it is due to colder temperatures or Utility Companies raising their rates, or both. Are you one of those consumers always looking for a way to be able to turn down the thermostat a couple of degrees at night to save energy, but also want to make sure your bed is snuggly warm and comfortable, without spending more than you save?

Towels Can Make Your Bathroom More Relaxing
When it comes to bathroom decor, towels should be given top priority. They are the one item that comes in contact with your body everyday, and the towels you choose make the difference in whether your daily bathing ritual is luxurious and relaxing or not.

You Have Purchased Some Bamboo Towels, Now What? What Is the Best Way to Care for Them?
With all the talk of green and sustainable resources, Bamboo has become a very popular fiber to use in the making of Bath towels and other linens. Bamboo may one day replace cotton as the preferred fabric for towels. However, is the care for these towels different than the care for cotton towels? Answer is yes and no. These towels if cared for properly are worth the investment and will last for years to come.

Bamboo - The Ultimate Towel
As you may have read or heard, Bamboo is the hottest fiber in towels today. Why is that, you ask? What makes it the ultimate towel? There are many reasons.

Are You Disappointed That the Towels You Have Don't Dry You Off?
I have been selling towels for over 30 years, and one of the largest complaints I hear, is that I just bought these new towels from another retailer, and they don't dry me off, they basically just push the water around. Why is that?

Is a Bamboo Towel Worth the Investment?
I have been selling towel products for 30+ years, and have seen a lot of different cottons and blends come and go. However, Bamboo is here to stay. It is not a fad, it is fact. Towels made with the Rayon from Bamboo are strong and absorbent.
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